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Tandem jump - Safety


Our company makes sure that an individual approach is given to every one of you and that a maximal willingness of our staff is guaranteed. Our tandem pilots are highly experienced skydivers who have done several thousands of tandem jumps and have a lot of experience in this field. We use the latest technology and security devices that are designed and manufactured specifically for tandem reputable companies. These devices together with an experienced tandem pilots ensure your safety so you can quietly enjoy that unique feeling a tandem jump gives. All the equipment is regularly checked and serviced by professionals with appropriate permission.

Security devices for a tandem jump:
These include a device that can automatically activate the reserve parachute in case of emergency. This device registers the speed and altitude during a tandem jump and if necessary opens the reserve canopy. We use a device by German company Airtec which has many years of experience in this field and its life-saving devices are the most popular and worldwide used. We use devices which are specially designed for tandem jumps.

There is also an electronic height signalling device. It is in the helmet of the tandem pilot. An acoustic signal reports the height above the ground. This ensures the maximum height control.